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Special version of the TR-3 made specifically for X-66 organs.



Special version of the TR-3 made specifically for X-66 organs.  In addition to adding the transposer function, the TR-3-6 replaces the entire 12 note tonewheel generator used in these organs, making it a cost effective repair solution in cases of motor failure.


  • Shift your playing into a singer's vocal range
  • Modulate from key to key
  • Accompany other instruments playing in "difficult" keys



Since the output frequency of the TR-3-6 is regulated by a quartz crystal, the organ pitch will always be precisely in tune, even when the organ is used in areas where the line frequency is not stable or it does not match the requirements of the organ.

220/240V X-66 organs are wired to provide 110/120V to the generator motor socket.  Since the TR-3-6 receives its power from this socket, the standard 110/120V version of the TR-3-6 is fully compatible with 220/240V X-66 organs.

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